005 — A Princess of Mars (w/ Centa Schumacher)

Remember that Barsoom is just one letter away from Barroom. I dunno why but you should remember that.

In this episode, fabulous photographer and free-thinker and wife-of-host (who is also her own person) Centa Schumacher (@spacevalkyrie) sits down to discuss “A Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs. This book is actually far more well-regarded than I thought, which makes this a bit controversial, I suppose. But I LIVE for that shit yall. *sunglasses down*

This is quite possibly the first episode where we have a serious difference of opinion about the quality of the book but luckily we are married and don’t kill each other.

Highlights include: Rupaul chat, a long segment about our weird deformed dog, and me ranting and raving about racism a ton.


None this episode.


None this episode.